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I offer beeswax candles, voltive, hand dipped, and poured in my candle store. Plus Local Illinois honey and beewax products  

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My beeswax comes from my own bee hives and from hives across Cook and Will County Illinois. My beeswax candles are naturally honey scented and the scent will vary slightly based on honey, pollen and propolis present in the beeswax. I get my beeswax for soap from the same resources. Gathered honey comb is separated, melted and filtered by myself. Sometimes the wax is filtered multiple times to get the clearest possible wax.  I also offer white wax or cosmetic grade wax for home crafting project.

Beeswax candles

Beeswax is a gift to you from nature. It is the purest and most natural of all waxes (including vegetable waxes), with the least amount of processing and no additives. Beeswax is the only wax that is essentially used in its native state, with only filtering for processing.


These are my beehives on the left, they produce some of the best Illinois wildflower honey you'll taste. Some of these Honey bees are rescued and some are bought. Either way they get love and care in my bee yard. 

essential oils, natural fragrance

Ingredients Used in my products

I use all natural oils and butters in my products. These products maybe naturaly scented or have a  essential oil added. All products will contain A certain amount of local honey or  beeswax gathered from illinois bee hives. Each product is hand made by Trapper Nick with the best of care. The products I use are plant based fats and oils, no animal products are involved in the production.         


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I am just starting out and do not have any places lined up to sell. If you know of craft shows or open markets let me know.  If  you are within 20  miles of  Orland Park I can deliver products to you at no charge when Im working.



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Trapper Nicks Store

60462, Orland Park, Illinois

(708) 218-0535

Trapper Nick Removing Bees

Removing a Bee Hive from under a floor in Joliet.

Honey Bees

Getting bees ready to load into my own box.


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My Blog

I added this blog to give you information on how to care for the products I sell. I also tell you why I choose this product line. These are not typical store bought items and care must be given to receive their full potential. 100% natural means no preservatives to keep them the way they should be.